Sales Sheet

How can builders and homeowners save energy with Panels Décor™ polyurethane panels, while at the same time help the environment?

Panels Décor™ polyurethane panels add insulation in your home to provide extra resistance to heat flow. The more heat flow resistance your insulation provides, the lower your heating and cooling costs. To maintain comfort, the heat lost in the winter must be replaced by your heating system and the heat gained in the summer must be removed by your cooling system. Properly adding Panels Décor™ polyurethane panels, helps insulate your home which will decrease this heat flow by providing an effective R-value.

Panels Décor™ can add visual appeal to any structure while helping to increase its R-value, in effect preventing thermal drift. In addition, testing suggests that the stabilized R-value of rigid polyurethane remains unchanged after 10 years.

Our foam veneer panels are made of high-density polyurethane and molded from actual stone, rock or brick. A unique manufacturing process creates lightweight simulated stone panels that provide enhanced durability, impact and water resistance, significant weight reduction, significant weight reduction and lower installation costs. Panels Décor™ is the perfect way to bring the look of stone for a fraction of the cost and time. With our architectural foam veneer products, we help you beautify any interior or exterior setting while adding exceptional quality and realism to your project.

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