Custom Manufacturing

As the leading manufacturer on the west coast of high-density polyurethane products,
we have been helping clients design, engineer, and make 100% custom urethane
productsto suit their specific needs. We will transform your idea or “problem” into
a revenue generating “solution”!

Idea, Planning, Realization

Strategy Session: This is where you tell us about your business and your particular idea or problem. During the session, we will conduct an initial feasibility assessment to determine how we can best help transform your idea into a profitable solution.

Engineering Your Custom Solution: Our experience and team of designers and engineers work on solving your needs with a 100% custom prototype ready for testing. In this phase we will develop custom designed packaging thus providing the best protection possible for your product.

Testing/Finishing: First, our product design & development team tests the new product internally to ensure it exceeds your quality standards. Second, prototypes are delivere to you for internal and field tests prior to roll-out. Once approved, we setup our manufacturing facility to produce your new product in quantity while ensuring maximum quality every step fo the way. Third, we move on to full-scale manufacturing and send finished and fully packaged product.